Cloud computing initi­a­tives are the most important project for the majority of IT depart­ments today (16%) and are expected to cause the most disrup­tion in the future. IDG predicts the majority of cloud computing’s disrup­tion will be focused on improving service and gene­ra­ting new revenue streams.

2015_Spending IT

IT spending for security tech­no­lo­gies will increase 46% in 2015, with cloud computing incre­a­sing 42% and business analytics invest­ments up 38%

The goal of the study was to determine IT prio­ri­ties for 2015 in areas such as spending, staffing and tech­no­logy. Compu­ter­world spoke with 194 respon­dents, 55% of which are from the executive IT roles. 19% from mid-level IT, 16% in IT profes­si­onal roles and 7% in business management.

Addi­ti­onal key take-aways from the study include:

  • Enter­prises are predic­ting they will increase their spending on security tech­no­lo­gies by 46%, cloud computing by 42% with the greatest growth in enter­prises with over 1,000 employees (52%), 38% in business analytics, 36% for storage solutions and 35% for wireless & mobile.

The following graphic provides an overview of the top five tech spending increases in 2015:

Top Five Spending

  • In 2015 IT will take on an incre­a­singly important role growing revenue, profi­ta­bi­lity, enhancing compe­ti­ti­ve­ness and getting to know customers. Of these, growing revenue is predicted to be where IT senior mana­ge­ment leads line-of-business leaders.

The following graphic provides a compa­rison of the business prio­ri­ties for the IT depart­ment in the next 12 months:

Cloud Projects

  • Business analytics is most relied on for the insights gained in gene­ra­ting new revenue streams and incre­a­sing sales within existing channels. The study found the following inter­sec­tion of the most important tech­no­logy projects versus primary business goals. Main­tai­ning and improving expected service levels emerges as the single most important overall objective from the study.
  • Cloud computing initi­a­tives are the single most important initi­a­tive today in 16% of the IT depart­ments surveyed, followed by legacy systems moder­ni­za­tion and repla­ce­ment (12%) and software on-premises (9%).

The following graphic shows what the single most important tech­no­logy projects are that IT depart­ments are working on right now.

Top Goals by Tech Project

Next year will defi­ni­tely be the tipping point for Cloud solutions, and the adoption level for cloud computing will rise within the SME‘s busi­nesses all around the globe.

Source: Compu­ter­world Forecast Study for 2015

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